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209-5199  Earrings: extremely valuable earrings with natural Cuprian-Elbaite "Paraiba" tourmalines of together ca. 15,10ct, with GRS Report from Switzerland

Approx. 39 x 10mm, approx. 6,9g, 18K white gold, on the front set with very rare natural Cuprian-Elbaite "Pariba" tourmalines of together approx. 15,10ct, 18,6 x 9,67 x 6,13mm and 18,4 x 9,81 x 7,46mm, tourmalines of very nice luminous color according to GRS Report "bluish green", above are diamonds in Emerald-Cut of together approx. 0,88ct, color and clarity in the upper quality range, as well as small brilliants of together approx. 0,12ct, high quality manufactured ear jewelry with very rare gemstone setting, as new with GRS Gemresearch Swisslab Report 2021-108325. The certificate certifies the Paraiba tourmalines as "Cuprian-Elbaite" with detectable copper inclusions, origin Mozambique. Today, the intensely colored Paraiba Tourmalines are true treasures, not only as impressive gemstones, but also as wearable investments. No other colored gemstone has experienced such a steep rise as the Paraiba tourmaline over the past thirty years. Thus, these stones are also traded as investment stones. Overall, the prices for this gemstone are rising steadily. Paraiba tourmalines from the Brazilian state of Paraiba are the most sought after and expensive. However, the deposits from Brazil have long been exhausted. In 2001, blue-green tourmalines containing copper and manganese were discovered in Nigeria, and in 2005, Mozambique was added to the list. In the meantime, almost all Paraiba Tourmalines available on the market come from Africa, not from Brazil. However, African deposits are also proving to be very limited, which will lead to further price increases. Prices currently range from $2,000 (moderate quality) to $30,000 (best quality) per carat! ATTENTION: We are dealing with new goods. The hammer price includes 19% sales tax, which will be shown!

Hammerprice: 15.000 €
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