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152-4170  Pocket watch: historically important gold/enamel gentlemen's watch with Bagnolet caliber, from the founding period of the company Patek Philippe, made for the Polish market, Czapek i Spolka No. 1467, Geneva ca. 1850, 1 of 4 known pieces

Ca. 42 mm, 18 K gold, splendid engraving, enameled, reeded mid section, casemaker's punch Etienne Piguet, very flat Bagnolet caliber with cylinder escapement, floral engraved main plate, signed Czapek i Spolka w Genevie, No. 1467, screwed enamel dial, Breguet steel hands, golden special key with corresponding gold chain, original box, inscribed S.H., in working order, very good condition, dial with small defects. The watch is an absolute rarity from the beginning of the famous company Patek Philippe. According to the report, including this watch only 4 pieces are noted. The other 3 are all in the Patek Philippe museum. The only one ever offered in auction was sold for a record price of 45,000 Deutsche Mark in German auction 1979. The watch comes with an expert opinion of Patek Philippe expert Philip Poniz on 6 pages, which fixes the current value of the watch with 40,000 to 60,000US $. Philip Poniz is considered one of the pocket watch experts worldwide specializing in Patek Philippe's early days watches. More information can be found here ( Philip Poniz has been working for over 30 years for the most important auction houses and museums as an expert and reviewer for pocket watches (source:

Hammerprice: 12.500 €
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152-4119 Sold 152-4119 Pocket watch/pendant watch: very fine, unique gold/enamel miniature lepine from the early days of Patek Philippe, made for the Polish market, Czapek i Spolka No. 1805, ca. 1846 Hammerprice: 4.000 €
plus charge
152-4121 Sold 152-4121 Pocket watch/pendant watch: very early gold/enamel pendant watch, with pearls, Czapek i Spolka No. 1754, Geneva ca. 1846/47 Hammerprice: 4.100 €
plus charge