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152-4216  Pocket watch: important and probably unique highly complicated pocket, Grande & Petite Sonnerie, repeater and music, watchmaker of the court Louis Mallet Paris No.1022/662, ca.1820

Ca. 59 mm, ca. 147 g, 18 K gold, engine turned, reeded, French gold punch, original case in excellent condition, case no. 662, dome signed and numbered, movement no. 1022, signed Louis Mallet a Paris, 3 barrels: 1. gear train, 2. for Grande & Petite Sonnerie striking train in combination with the repeater, release/unlock by pendant button, 3. music movement, very high movement quality with cylinder escapement, shock absorber and temperature compensation, high-grade silver dial, extravagant Breguet steel hands, in working order, excellent original condition, rare piece. All functions have been fully tested in 2018. The highly complicated movement is complete and in working order, but a revision is recommended. We are not aware of any other French pocket watches in this quality. Comparable complicated French watches were only made by Breguet and his environment. From the literature we are only aware of another pocket watch of similar construction, inscribed by Yves Droz & Joseph Flores as: "Montre à Grandes Complications-Sonnerie au Passage-Repetition-Musique" (Many thanks to Mr. Christian Pfeiffer-Belli) , Louis Mallet (ca. 1790 watchmaker until 1824 listed in Paris) was named the watchmaker of the Duke of Orleans, later King Louis Philippe. In the "Almanac du Commerce de Paris" he was listed as L. Mallet et Compagnie in the Rue J(ean J(aques). Rousseau No.16.

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