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152-4218  Pocket watch: Significant and museum-like gold/enamel form watch ‚ Peach/Mango, signed Ilbery London No. 6577“, ca. 1810

Ca. 88 x 61 mm, ca.148 g, 18 K gold, fruit shaped case, peach or mango, splendid enamel on both sides, with high quality pearls, probably natural pearls, integrated peripheral opening button, dome also enameled, key winding, fire-gilt duplex movement with big steel balance and diamond endstone, signed Ilbery London no. 6577, enamel dial with subsidiary seconds, blued steel hands, movement intact, probably original key. The optical condition of the case is excellent. The enamel shows only minor, usual signs of usage and a tiny, nearly invisible peripheral restoration, on the beginning of the petiole. According to the owner, the movement got restored very complex and extensive and is now in working condition, after it was broken and unused for many decades. Repairs and restorations were made on the movement and the hands motion train, some parts have been repaired or replaced and missing hands have been replaced. According to the owner, the watch was formerly sold to the well-known New York jeweler Jan Scala, where the current owner bought the watch in the late 1970s. The watch comes with an expert report! According to our research, this is one of the rarest Ilbery watches. So far, according to the current state of knowledge, only 8 other Ilbery watches of this type are noted, some referred to as "peach", others in turn as "mango", at least partially made as pairs. This watch is the second noted exemplar of the exceptionally large version. The other of these two watches was sold in Dr. Crott's auction 2016 for more than € 200,000. The case and the size were identical to the present watch. Only the decoration of the front was a little different in color. The watch had the number 6654 and the movement had, in contrast to the present watch, the more common central seconds. Dr. Crott auctions cited the auction as follows: "This major watch in the category "Fantasy Watches " is one of eight remaining watches in the world shaped as a peach, six of which are kept in pairs as a mirrored pair in major museums and collections titled Mango: An early couple without a signature is now in a private collection and was originally part of the Sandberg Collection (pictured and described in Terence Camerer-Cuss's The Sandberg Watch Collection, pages 432-433). Another pair is part of the Fondation Hans Wilsdorf/Rolex. It has the Ilbery signatures and the movement numbers 6494 and 6495 (illustrated and described in Alfred Chapuis "Montres et Émaux de Genève" - Collection H. Wilsdorf, Lausanne 1944, pages 138-139). The third known couple, also from Ilbery, is in the Patek Philippe Museum in Geneva. These three pairs of peaches were on loan to the Patek Philippe Museum's "Le Miroir de la Séduction" exhibition - Prestigieuses paires de montres "chinoise", which took place from 15 May to 16 October 2010 in Geneva. They are illustrated and described in the catalog pages 82-83, 90-91 and 92-93. "

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