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177-4101  Pocket watch: historically important Art Deco gentleman's set "Piece Unique" including an important pocket watch minute repeater, Meylan Brassus, presumably from the nobility of the Melo family, ca. 1930

The high-quality box decorated with a noble coat of arms contains 5 pieces, all platinum, punched with the French platinum punch (dog's head). The gentleman's set consists of a pocket watch with matching platinum chain, a lighter, a pocket knife as a multifunctional tool with 4 tools and a pair of very high quality cufflinks. All objects are set with high quality diamonds, rubies and sapphires. Fronts of the lighter and the knife with monogram, backs of the lighter and the knife with gold coat of arms of the nobility, also set with various high quality gems and diamonds. 1. The heart of the ensemble is the unique Art Deco man's watch with minute repeater. Ca. 37 × 46mm, ca. 77g , square resp. octagonal case, both sides set with sapphires, rubies and diamonds, back again the applied monogram, winding crown set with a sapphire, case with French platinum punch and master's punch GR M (Gaston Rabier), the movement holding plate inside is not made of metal as usual, but in this unique watch of 18K white gold, also punched with the French gold punch and the GR master's mark, high quality precision lever movement, repeating the hours, quarters and minutes, signed C under the sounding spring C.H. Meylan Switzerland, platinum dial, platinum hands set with diamonds, case rim with slider for releasing the repeater, in very good condition, in working order and with good sound. 2. lighter ca. 35 × 45mm x 15mm, ca. 108g, platinum, similarly set with gemstones and diamonds. 3. pocket knife/ multifunctional tool, ca. 67mm long, ca. 38g, similarly set with gemstones and diamonds. 4. platinum chain with double clasp, ca. 39cm long, ca. 10g. 5. cufflinks, platinum/ 18K white gold, ca. 10.5g, set with finest diamonds and special cut rubies and sapphires. The entire gentleman's ensemble is set with a total of 336 diamonds and high quality gemstones. The condition is used and not restored or refurbished. Lighter, knife, watch case and cufflinks show various signs of use. The watch is the unique heart of the ensemble.

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