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177-4126  Pocket watch: important John Arnold gold pocket chronometer No. 23/324, London 1783

Ca. Ø52mm, ca. 126g, 18K gold, hallmarks London 1783, case maker William West, in fantastic condition, very early John Arnold chronometer movement with OZ balance, blued helical hairspring, diamond endstone, plate signed John Arnold London invenit et fecit No.23/324, enamel dial in perfect condition, subsidiary seconds, pink gold hands, overall in excellent condition, movement in working order. The watch comes in a high-quality chronometer box from the time, made of mahogany and decorated with an ivory plaque. The watch has been in an important German chronometer collection for a long time. Therefore, a cleaning/ oiling of the movement is recommended. It is one of the earliest existing gold pocket chronometers by John Arnold and therefore a museum-quality pocket watch. Only 10 other gold Arnold chronometers from the time until 1883 are known to us. The watch is listed and extensively described in Staeger: "100 Jahre Präzisionsuhren von John Arnold bis Arnold & Frodsham, 1763-1862" pages 69 and 161. Comparable gold Arnold chronometers from this period have hardly been offered at auctions so far and are almost all in famous collections and museums. The number 483/784, produced ca. 10 years after the present chronometer, was already sold for 35,000 Swiss Francs in Geneva in 1992 (source:

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