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177-4164  Pocket watch: important, very early and unusually large single-handed Oignon with enamel case "The death of Cleopatra", attributed to Jean Mussard V., movement signed Francois Bourdain a Bourdeaux, listed 1688-1695

Ca. Ø60mm, ca. 177g, case completely enamelled, back with mythological scene "The death of Cleopatra", both sides with landscape scenes in the typical style of Mussard, very early, signed verge movement with Egyptian pillars and early central winding, verge bridge with bird scenes, signed plate, fantastic preserved original dial, also finely enamel painted, very well preserved cartouches, iron hands, movement intact, museum-like French collector's watch. The design of the case band is extraordinarily interesting. While in the upper part the landscape scenes are presented in the sunlight, the lower part of the case shows the landscape with sun setting and in the centre the representation of Cleopatra's suicide! Oignons with enamelled cases are museum collector's pieces. Only a few of these watches have survived to this day. Almost all of them can be found in famous collections and museums. An almost identical watch was part of the famous Sandberg collection and was sold for more than 20,000 Swiss Francs in 2001 (source: Jean V. Mussard was a cousin of the Huauds and one of the most famous enamel painters of the early 18th century. He was obviously inspired by the work of the Huauds. However, his paintings were more according to the taste of the time (Regency) and showed religious designs as well as purely secular ones like here. The scene "The death of Cleopatra" can be found on several of his famous enamel watches.

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