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Aftersale until 16.12.2019
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Süderstrasse 282
20537 Hamburg

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177-4185  Pendant watch: absolute rarity, gold/ enamel rhomboid form watch repeater on bell and pearl setting, probably Geneva around 1800

Ca. 36 × 59mm, ca. 31g, 18K gold, case in absolutely rare rhomboid form, worked as a hunting case, enamelled on both sides and decorated with half pearls, integrated invisible hinge with spring lid mechanism, lateral opening button, bell, miniature verge movement, repeating the hours and quarters, screwed enamel dial, blued steel hands, in working order, repeater intact, minimal enamel imperfections. The watch is a rarity. It is not only the rhomboid form that is extremely rare for watches of this time, but especially the equipment of a form watch with a repeater on a bell.

Aftersale price: 17.500
plus charge

Estimate: 25.000 €

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