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177-4188  Pocket watch/ pendant watch: unique and extremely rare gold/ enamel pendant watch with Oriental pearl setting and date (only 2 examples are known to us), Bordier Geneve, ca. 1790

Ca. Ø58mm, ca. 41g, 18K gold, unique case form, pierced rim, alternating enamelled segments, crescent shaped, pierced elements and threaded Oriental pearls, back decorated similarly, oval middle part, back dark blue enamelled, representation of a vase with flowers, also set with finest Oriental pearls, front with hinged middle part, rim also decorated with Oriental pearls, oval cylinder movement, signed enamel dial in excellent condition, time indication, regulator scale and date, pink gold hands, in fantastic condition, in working order. This watch is one of the rarest gold/ enamel pendant watches around 1800. We only know of another watch of this type by Bordier. It is an identical watch, only the design of the enamel varies. This watch was part of the famous Sandberg collection and was auctioned for 163,000 Swiss Francs in 2001!

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