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205th Auction: Watches
on October 30th 2021

In 3 days, 16:30 o'clock
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Süderstrasse 282
20537 Hamburg

Preview times:
Wednesday, October the 13th to Friday, October the 29th from 11-17 o'clock

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205-4240  Pendant watch: unique and exceptionally large Renaissance pendant watch with enamelled case and striking mechanism, ca. 1600 and later

Ca. 94 × 60mm, ca. 322g, oval Renaissance case, pierced band, with representation of tendrils and various animals, both sides black enamelled, back with elaborate Renaissance motifs, original screwed oval bell, oval full plate movement, hour strike, restored and altered in parts around 1700, fire-gilt dial, gilt hands, intact. Probably the present glass insert of the front was originally rock crystal. Extremely unusual and extremely rare is the enamelling of the case and the large size of the watch!

Limit: 12.000

Estimate: 25.000 €

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