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205th Auction: Watches
on October 30th 2021

In 3 days, 16:30 o'clock
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Süderstrasse 282
20537 Hamburg

Preview times:
Wednesday, October the 13th to Friday, October the 29th from 11-17 o'clock

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205-4260  Pocket watch: important, historically highly interesting A. Lange & Söhne gold hunting case watch with minute repeater and double chronograph "Rattrapante", No.89967, with extract from the archives

Ca. Ø57.5mm, ca. 169g, 18K gold, impressive hunting case watch, spring lid with monogram "NW" for Nils Westberg, spring lid inside with various signature engravings, similar to those known from the well-known gift watches of A. Hitler, additionally engraved in German "Im März 1939", highly complicated precision lever movement in best 1A quality, minute repeater, split-seconds, gold lever, gold escape wheel, fine adjusting device, diamond endstone, case and movement with matching numbers 89967, stepped enamel dial with 30-minute counter, gold hands, in unworked original condition, working, but service recommended, in the family of Nils Westberg's heirs until 2020. The watch comes with an extract from the archives and was the last gold hunting case watch made by Lange & Söhne with this rare complication. Only 25 of these watches were made in total. According to the Lange archive, the watch was sold on 6.3.1939 for 3004.20RM and delivered to Berlin. The dedication engraving inside the spring lid indicates that it was an important and at that time extremely valuable gift from Germany to the board member Nils Westberg of the AGA-Gas in Sweden. AGA-AB, previously AB Gasaccumulator and AB Svenska Gasaccumulator, was a Swedish industrial gas company founded in 1904 by Nobel Prize winner Gustaf Dalén. The AGA board consisted of Rolf von Heidenstam (later CEO of AGA 1937-50), Gustaf Dalén and Nils Westberg. This trio was responsible for sales to the "new markets". Nils Westberg was responsible for sales in Central Europe and Eastern Europe. Unfortunately, not all of the signatures can be clearly identified, but the German names Weydmann, von Schemm, Hilpert and Hübsch can. So far, only a few of these watches have been offered at a watch auction, an absolute rarity and a top piece of Glashütte watchmaking art with a unique history!

Limit: 70.000

Estimate: 120.000 €

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205-4094 205-4094 Pocket watch: rare A. Lange & Söhne gold hunting case watch from the Art Déco period with original box, No. 53764 1.200 € - 2.500 €
205-4218 205-4218 Pocket watch: very beautiful Glashütte gold hunting case watch, A. Lange & Söhne quality 1A No. 47856, Glashütte 1906 3.500 € - 6.500 €
205-4285 205-4285 Pocket watch: important Glashütte half-seconds deck chronometer, A. Lange & Söhne Glashütte 1A quality, No. 64867, delivered to the Imperial and Royal Hydrographic Institute in Pola in 1914 24.000 € - 45.000 €