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205th Auction: Watches
on October 30th 2021

In 3 days, 16:30 o'clock
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Süderstrasse 282
20537 Hamburg

Preview times:
Wednesday, October the 13th to Friday, October the 29th from 11-17 o'clock

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205-4239  Pendant watch: important, exceptionally large Renaissance pendant watch with hour self-strike, Nicholas Schmidt the Elder, Augsburg ca. 1580

Ca. Ø65mm, ca. 292g, bronze, fire-gilt, pierced, bell, extremely early verge movement, stackfreed, foliot, hour strike, plate with monogram punch NS, bronze dial, fire-gilt, iron hands, intact. This museum piece is in an exceptionally good condition, which is almost never found with Renaissance watches. Provenance: 1946 Moyer Fleisher Collection. An identical pendant watch with matching movement, marked "NS" (Nikolaus Schmidt the Elder), is illustrated and described in Klaus Maurice "Die deutsche Räderuhr", vol. II, fig. 438a/b, p. 61. Another early round pendant watch with stackfreed and parallel matching case design is in the G. W. Willis Museum, Basingstoke, England. Nikolaus Schmidt the Elder was born in 1549 in Wiltz/Luxembourg. In 1576 he set up his own business in Augsburg. It is not clear when he died. It can be assumed that he died after 1625, but before 1629. His son, Nikolaus Schmidt the Younger, was also an important watchmaker. Several of his watches are exhibited in important museums worldwide.

Limit: 15.000

Estimate: 50.000 €

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